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If you’re reading this now, that means one thing:  you’re on a mission to find the best usb voice-over microphone your budget can buy once and for all.

Always consider your budget and purpose when purchasing a USB Microphone

You might not like to hear me rant,  so here’s the link to top recommended usb microphones in Economy, Deluxe and Premiere categories:

Top Recommended USB Microphones

A few years back:

I applied for a voice over project for a certain brand of perfume and got the job. Why? I’m still wondering up to this very minute.  So I sent my first draft using a headphone mic. Guess what?

…you have a sore throat? Because if you have I suggest you do it again when you are not sick.  Let’s not waste each others time…

Well I did not have a good voice in the first place.  But I could have done better.  I could have done better.

I also remember the time I applied for an online job to clean sound tracks and interviews.  Now that was humiliating.  The interview was on Skype.  I was being interviewed on the basics of sound engineering (the job was for batch cleaning and editing a set of interviews)

…Can you repeat that again? Oh okay. What’s that? Can you make you voice louder.  Yup.  So you’re job is to remove the hisses and static. Oh hey… tell you what.  I cant believe your up to the job.  No offense  Sir but I think you do not have the resources to complete this job on time…

I think that was because of the microphone.  I really do.  Damn! That was a $600 loss.

Believe me I have other equally humiliating experiences before I was convinced to get a better microphone.

So began my quest for the ultimate microphone.

For a couple of weeks (yep it took me that long to decide), I was immersed in microphone history and technology.  And mind you I learned a lot.

  • ribbon or condenser or dynamic or binaural or stereo
  • omnidirectional, cardioid, bi-directional, super cardioid, hyper cardioid
  • xlr or usb

This is probably where you are now.

You can’t decide which one to buy.

Yet you are on the right track.  A USB Voice over microphone is the way to go.  It’s not only good for voice overs (mind you), it will do well for singing auditions, band practice recording, instrumentals, pod casting, voice chats… just about anything were a microphone is needed.

My first usb mic was a Blue Microphone Yeti USB.  Hey! I’m not telling you to get this too.  But its price point at that time was way inside my budget. What choice did I have?  It could have helped if was up but it wasn’t.  It wasn’t. This website wasn’t available till now.

So there you have it…

All the mics in this website are of studio quality.  No more research.  No more wasting time comparing reviews.  With the mics listed here, you’ll never go wrong.

Now are you ready to choose?  Or are you going to waste more time.


Trusted USB VO Mic Brands


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